My fantastic, fabulous ,fun time at Tregoyd

OMG did I have fun !!!! I have just come back from Tregoyd, it was so awesome, the activities are all amazing but at the same  time they can be very scary. I thought that the best activity was Jacobs Ladder. It is basically 7 or 8 logs all held together by a metal wire. As you go up the logs they get further apart and if you couldn’t reach the log on top there was a special rope to pull you up. As you can probably tell it was very hard but the good thing was that you were in a group so your team members could help give you a bit of a boost. You stand at the very top, they ask you to lean back nice and slow and you need to keep both your feet on the log. Then you jump down to the next log making sure both feet land on it. I finally got to the bottom, excited but out of breath, I loved it and so did all my group.

You might have just guessed what is coming next, my worst activity and for me that would be Abseiling. It is so scary, I mean just imagine it,dangling off a wall that seems as tall as Big Ben with only a rope to protect you. At first the wall was slanted, then it fell away in a sheer drop , you looked down and it scared the skeleton out of you. You slowly work your way down jumping as you go along, then you get to the bottom and want to do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my blog, as you can tell I had a fantastic, fabulous, fun time and I would recommend Tregoyd to anyone.

Olivia C


A fantastic weekend

This weekend has been an amazing trip to Tregoyd, we have had lots of fun.

On our arrival the PGL people showed us the house and our rooms, I was very happy because I was whith all of my friends.

The next morning we were all very excited because, we were going to do our first activity at Tregoyd.

We did lots of activities like, canoeing, archery, rock climbing, quat biking, mud challenge, Jacob’s ladder, zip-wire, abseiling, surviver, problem solving, camp fire and disco.

One of the activities that I liked the most was the zip-wire, it was awsome and scary at the same time, at the end we had to choose a number from 1 to 10 without Vicky knowing because we had a few minutes till the next activity and we didn’t have enough time for all of us to have a second go. She chose random numbers, and one of the lucky people was me!!!!

On the quat biking you had to wait lots of time, but it was well worthit it was amazing and specially for me because it was te first  time.

On Monday when we had to go back home I was really sad because I had lots of fun and I didn’t want to leave.



My favoroite part of Tregoyd was the zip-wire.For the people who didnt go to Tregoyd heres what happened,you get cliped into a rope then you climb a ladder which is rested on a tree until you get to some metal u’s and you have to climb them until you reach a platform you get onto the platform then the instructor unclips the rope and you send it down for the next person.The instructor clips you onto the rope of the zip-wire and you get the rest of it loosley wraped around your right arm.You then jump off the platform any way you want (I jumped backwards) then you go to another tree about 50 metres away when you get there you almost hit a tyre but don’t then you start to go back.When you come to a complete stop another instructor tells you to pull back on a beak shaped handle on a piece of equiptment called a gregre and when you do it you are lowered to the ground,the instructor unclips you and you run the rope back to the tree.

The whole trip is amazing and I would definatley go back if I had the chance.

My favourite activities and least favourite activities at Tregoyd.

My favourite activities at Tregoyd were Jacobs ladder, Climbing and the Zip wire. I enjoyed these because I like to challenge myself in climbing to heights I didn’t think I could reach (Jacobs ladder and Climbing) but I also like the idea of flying (Zip wire)!!

My least favourite activities were abseiling and canoeing because I dot like jumping of a big height backwards(abseiling) or capsizing and almost drowning Aashi (canoeing)!!!!

Over all, Tregoyd was great fun and it was defiantly worth the packing!!!!

my time at Tregoyd

I’m going to tell you what I did at Tregoyd


My favourite activity was canoeing and abseiling because i’ve never done them before and when i tryed them they were excellent!!! The reason why I loved abseiling was because I enjoyed jumping down the wall and learning how to put the harnesses on!!! Canoeing was one of favourites too because I loved paddling around although I hated falling into the icy cold water!!! Brrr. My worst bit was the mud challenge because the instructer kept tipping muddy,yucky water down my back and over my head!!!


The bonfire was my FAVOURITE part because we got to melt marshmallows on stick and eat them!! yummy 🙂

I REALLY enjoyed tregod and i’d DEFINETELY go there again!!!! 🙂


At Tregoyd I really liked Jacobs Ladder because I got to the top and I stood on the top log. Also I liked Abseiling because I was excited when I was jumping down the wall. The last thing that I loved was rock climbing because I got to the top on all of them.  I wish I could go again.

The trip to Tregoyd

I am going to tell you about my amazing tip to Tregoyd, it was really fun.

My favorite bits were the abseiling and the mud challenge. I like the abseiling because I got to jump down a wall without holding on although you had to hold on to a black rope and when I was abseiling I learnt how to put on harness and carabena’s, I also liked the mud challenge as I got to cover Miss Hobbs in mud. The worst obstacle in the mud challenge was the mud jacuzzi because you had to roll around in a wet, disgusting, appley and glouppy mud.

Tregoyd was so fun because I got to experience new things that I have never done before like, canoeing and abseiling. I also had fin at the campfire and the instructors taught us songs.

I had an amazing time at Tregoyd and I would love to go there again. It was awesome.

At Tregoyd

I enjoyed everything whilst I was at Tregoyd but my favourite activity was the zipwire! It was my favourite because climbing up was the scariest thing ever but the feeling when you got moving was amazing! Tregoyd was the best thing ever and I wish I could go again!