At the weekend I went to Tregoyd in Wales. I had a brilliant time there. But before any of that we went to Big Pit. Big Pit is a coal mine in Wales. We went very far underground. I felt terrified. But there was no need to worry because it was surprisingly good!!!

When we finally got to Tregoyd I was amazed. It was colossal. It was a mansion inside. We had loads of activities to take part in. My absolute favorite activity was the zip-wire. With the zip-wire you have to climb up a gigantic tree on metal staples. But don’t worry they do make you wear a helmet and harnesses. You were attached to a rope and kind of carried upwards. I was horrified when climbing up that tree. But once your attached to the actual zip-wire, you feel a bunch of excitement rushing through your brain. It is stunningly high. The activities were the highlights of my days.

In the evenings there were amazing things to do. On the first night we did wacky races. On the second night we had a late night disco. Finally, on the third night we had a campfire. In the campfire we had toasted marshmallows. We sang LOADS of hilarious song and we were told an extremely funny story about a boy called Timmy. The word strawberry must have been illegal where Timmy lived. Strawberry was like a swear word.

We each got a dorm room. Not our own room. But we shared with friends of our choice. I was in room 15 on the third floor. Our view was a wonderful picture of the gardens. Boy’s were on the second floor.

The food at PGL is delicious. Everything was cooked. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It filled me up so quickly. My favorite meal was the lunch we had. Especially, the hot dogs. YUM!

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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