Trip to Tregoyd

On the 19th of September  we set off on are long coach journey to Tregoyd, after about 2 hours we stopped off at the Big Pit and looked around in an old mineshaft where people our age used to work in the mine. We kept on looking round at the stables that they used to keep in the mineshafts. A little while later we went into a hall where we ate our lunch. Soon after we looked around in an old mining museum where we saw some of the old equipment like pickaxes that the miners would have used and after that we carried on our trip to Tregoyd in the coach. When we finally got to Tregoyd we met the staff there played some games with them,went to are rooms, unpacked and went to bed. The next few days my group and I went canoing (i fell in), did the zip wire,  jacobs ladder, archery, survival, absailing, climbing, quadbiking, the mud challenge/challenge course, and I think there may have been another one but i can’t remember it. After we had finished are activitys and had lunch we set of for FB. The way back was boring and i was asleep for most of it but when we got back I went home and my pet hamster died. THE END.

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