Omg,Epic,Amazing TREGOYD!!!

Tregoyd was amazing, my best part of it was the one and only Jacob’s Ladder which was so AWESOME! Because you had to try your best to climb twenty feet i think, so lets get settled shall we? so first of the first step was a meter and got taller everyone step and was a partner with Jamie and because he’s quite small I had to give him a knee up each time so i felt like he was going to fall on me and then a will fall of. Luckily we had thing called a harness on so we couldn’t fall of but it gave me a spectacular wedge that was sooooooo pain fall. and the worst part was when the steps got bigger so i had to act like a monkey or something and leap onto it. Once we got to the top we had to abseil down and i ended doing the splits by accident. Finally the pain came to the end and  the Supreme wedge machine had came to a complete stop…


Once the bus arrived I said my farewell to Tregoyd and hope ill see it again after the treacherous journey back home had ended i could get out of that slow coach and so good bye for the day



One thought on “Omg,Epic,Amazing TREGOYD!!!

  1. A nice rhetorical question used at the start here Louis, well done. I really like the way you have described the abseiling – this description might be something you want to use in your diary.

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