My painful time at Tregoyd!

At Tregoyd, I smashed my toe under a door! I went straight to a Welsh A&E hospital where I had to wait for 3 hours before I could go back. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take part in any of the activities because I was told to keep my toe clean and dry. However, I did get to throw water at people’s faces during the mud challenge – that was definitely my favourite moment! The thing I was most upset about missing was the canoeing – that looked like it was very enjoyable. I hope to try it one day.

The only other activity I could do was Survival – I got to do it twice and we build two very snazzy dens. The disco was awesome; I couldn’t do much dancing but I built Jenga towers in the window sill.

On the last night, we had the bonfire; we sang songs like ‘Banana’ and ‘My Little Red Wagon’ and then ate marshmallows.

That was my trip at Tregoyd.



One thought on “My painful time at Tregoyd!

  1. It was a very eventful trip for you Will. I’m not sure the other people enjoyed you throwing the water in their faces. I certainly didn’t enjoy that bit.

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