My favoroite part of Tregoyd was the zip-wire.For the people who didnt go to Tregoyd heres what happened,you get cliped into a rope then you climb a ladder which is rested on a tree until you get to some metal u’s and you have to climb them until you reach a platform you get onto the platform then the instructor unclips the rope and you send it down for the next person.The instructor clips you onto the rope of the zip-wire and you get the rest of it loosley wraped around your right arm.You then jump off the platform any way you want (I jumped backwards) then you go to another tree about 50 metres away when you get there you almost hit a tyre but don’t then you start to go back.When you come to a complete stop another instructor tells you to pull back on a beak shaped handle on a piece of equiptment called a gregre and when you do it you are lowered to the ground,the instructor unclips you and you run the rope back to the tree.

The whole trip is amazing and I would definatley go back if I had the chance.

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