My time in Tregoyd

At Tregoyd i played a lot of football. The best activity was canoeing. I also enjoyed jacobs ladder, abseiling and rock climbing. The disco was fun and so was the campfire where we had toasted marshmellows. I almost landed a back flip while catching a tennis ball, but i didn’t quite land it! Tregoyd was great fun. I had an awesome time. I wish i could go again.

My trip to Tregoyd

My favourite activity was Jacob’s Ladder because it was really high and exciting. The disco was very fun and we danced all night. The next night was spent around a blazing campfire singing songs and eating marshmallows. The other activities I took part in included zip wire, archery, canoeing, quad biking, abseiling rock climbing, mud challenge, & survivor. i hope that I get a chance to visit another PGL site because Tregoyd was spectacular.

Trip to Tregoyd

On the 19th of September  we set off on are long coach journey to Tregoyd, after about 2 hours we stopped off at the Big Pit and looked around in an old mineshaft where people our age used to work in the mine. We kept on looking round at the stables that they used to keep in the mineshafts. A little while later we went into a hall where we ate our lunch. Soon after we looked around in an old mining museum where we saw some of the old equipment like pickaxes that the miners would have used and after that we carried on our trip to Tregoyd in the coach. When we finally got to Tregoyd we met the staff there played some games with them,went to are rooms, unpacked and went to bed. The next few days my group and I went canoing (i fell in), did the zip wire,  jacobs ladder, archery, survival, absailing, climbing, quadbiking, the mud challenge/challenge course, and I think there may have been another one but i can’t remember it. After we had finished are activitys and had lunch we set of for FB. The way back was boring and i was asleep for most of it but when we got back I went home and my pet hamster died. THE END.

Omg,Epic,Amazing TREGOYD!!!

Tregoyd was amazing, my best part of it was the one and only Jacob’s Ladder which was so AWESOME! Because you had to try your best to climb twenty feet i think, so lets get settled shall we? so first of the first step was a meter and got taller everyone step and was a partner with Jamie and because he’s quite small I had to give him a knee up each time so i felt like he was going to fall on me and then a will fall of. Luckily we had thing called a harness on so we couldn’t fall of but it gave me a spectacular wedge that was sooooooo pain fall. and the worst part was when the steps got bigger so i had to act like a monkey or something and leap onto it. Once we got to the top we had to abseil down and i ended doing the splits by accident. Finally the pain came to the end and  the Supreme wedge machine had came to a complete stop…


Once the bus arrived I said my farewell to Tregoyd and hope ill see it again after the treacherous journey back home had ended i could get out of that slow coach and so good bye for the day



My trip to Tregoyd !

At Tregoyd I had a lot of fun doing activities – most of them involved team work. I met Ben and Shane who were our guides. Ben and Shane tought us a lot of funny songs. My favourite activity was Jacob’s ladder, because I managed to get to the top with Max. That made me super proud of us! I found it chalenging on the quad bikes, but finally I got the hang of it. I will never forget Tregoyd as it is one of the best experiences I’ve had.



I had a fabulous time at Tregoyd. We did abseiling, quad biking, mud challenge and a whole lot more. The best day in my opinion was Sunday 21st of September because we did canoeing in the morning and when the instructor said “fruit salad!” almost every one fell in it was Freezing!!!  After that mayhem we did the mud challenge but it wasn’t as muddy as I thought. After we washed we went climbing I got half way which was more than I expected. After that marvellous day we went to sleep. 😀

My painful time at Tregoyd!

At Tregoyd, I smashed my toe under a door! I went straight to a Welsh A&E hospital where I had to wait for 3 hours before I could go back. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take part in any of the activities because I was told to keep my toe clean and dry. However, I did get to throw water at people’s faces during the mud challenge – that was definitely my favourite moment! The thing I was most upset about missing was the canoeing – that looked like it was very enjoyable. I hope to try it one day.

The only other activity I could do was Survival – I got to do it twice and we build two very snazzy dens. The disco was awesome; I couldn’t do much dancing but I built Jenga towers in the window sill.

On the last night, we had the bonfire; we sang songs like ‘Banana’ and ‘My Little Red Wagon’ and then ate marshmallows.

That was my trip at Tregoyd.



my fab time in treygoyd by molly

I was really excited to go to tregoyd I couldn’t believe I was acutely going the thing I enjoyed most was zip wire and the mud challenge I was sad to leave because I wanted to stay for ever because ever morning I couldn’t wait to find out what I was doing ever activity  go on because I thought that’s the only opportunity I will have to do it I enjoyed all the activity’s I did like working all together in a group all the PGL staff were really helpful and they were all really fun to be around if I had the opportunity to go again I defiantly would go again.

What i got up to at tregoyd

My favourite activities were the zipwire and I liked the disco it was really fun and the people I met were helpful. i was scared to do the zipwire because I have a fear of heights but I did it anyway and I totally do not regret doing it. I also liked all the songs that we sung by the campfire e.g the banana song ,the little red wagon and the pirate song. The food was tasty ,especially the lunches I can still taste the luscious hot dog in my mouth now. The big pit was awesome because I got to annoy everyone by flashing the light in their eyes.I enjoyed every second and I totally want to go back.

By Ethan Wilding